Volume 03 Issue 15

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In this issue, we encourage Calgarians to Make A Difference by voting in the November 13th Plebiscite. WebStamp is encouraging drivers to take winter driving training to help navigate winter roads. More Public Art - Swarm, a delightful C-Train Canopy 

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WebStamp November 07, 2018

With less than a week to go where Calgarians can make the choice To Host or Not To Host the 2026 Winter Olympics, the early voting stations indicate Calgarians are showing interest in having their opinion heard
November came in like a lion with a record snowfall surpassing the monthly average in its first four days. As usual, this created traffic mayhem for commuters. Many drivers are not properly trained to handle winter conditions so they drive over cautiously driving way to slow. Mandatory winter driving training should be mandatory for drivers living in northern climates.
Waiting for the C-Train on the 6th St. Station on 7th Ave. SW one will notice a warmth of colour radiating from the canopy above the platform. Swarm is public art comprised of a tartan pattern of glass laminated panels. In-between the panels is digital screened film with a swarm pattern of leaf seeds, referred to as keys, giving the impression of a flight of birds in motion at dusk or dawn.

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