WebStamp July 13, 2022

Becoming A Free-Range Human

What is a Free-Range Human and why would one become one you ask? The answer is simple, a Free-Range Human rules over him/herself and does not need permission to be free. They also don’t worship a flag or others and believe that violence is only necessary when used in defence of themselves or others not capable of defending themselves. Currently, most people are groomed from birth throughout their lives to become soft-slave statists, meaning that they believe they need someone to rule over them, need permission, blindly follow a person or a flag, and/or solve problems with violence.


One can become truly free in today’s soft-slave statist society by following a few simple core principles used by Free-Range Humans. The Golden Rule is best described by Gandhi; “Live simply so that others may simply live “. It means that one must align themselves with the universal laws that choose healthy and wise decisions over unhealthy ones for a carefree and sustainable lifestyle. Despite the many unhealthy man-made laws, it is up to us to remain socially healthy by keeping and maintaining a good conscience.

Another Free-Range Human principle is non-aggression. To be free one must be free of aggression and once there is violence by a person, or a group of people (like the state), freedom is lost through utilizing forced control over one’s freedom. A Free-Range Human practices the art of engagement without fighting. Engagement may be defensive physical moves, but can also be verbal, demonstrative, or actions but they are never aggressive.

The next two Free-Range Human principles are quite radical. Free-Range Humans realize what it takes to become free and how difficult it is in maintaining it. Radical forgiveness is forgiving yourself for having once been deceived. It’s also proactively forgiving others for their own deception. They understand that most humans are not free and cultural conditioning, societal brainwashing and political manipulation must be amended for an actual free sustainable society.

Radical Interdependence (RI) is another important philosophy of a Free-Range Human. According to Buddhism, RI is a sense of connection, community, tolerance, responsibility, and ultimately, a universal sense of humanity and a greater willingness to find a common purpose. A free-range society engages and empowers people, teams, governments, and corporations to work together for the greater good -Not for Profit.

In 1978, Alexander Warbucks wrote the article How I Managed My Slaves which best describes how most of the population are fooled into believing they are free. He explains that they are convinced to need many wonderful things to make work and play so much easier and as long as the soft slaves have a reason to earn, count and spend their money they continue to be slaves to the system.

Make the M.A.D. Move to break free from being a soft slave. Don’t put up with your life being controlled and strive for freedom – Become a Free-Range Human and create or grow your own thing without an office, boss, or legislator dictating control and get pleasure and get rewarded in a way that suits you.

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WebStamp July 13, 2022

What is a Free-Range Human and why would one become one you ask? The answer is simple, a Free-Range Human rules over him/herself and does not need permission to be free
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