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6 Tips for Living a Greener Life

Many people aspire to living a greener lifestyle but are stalled in thinking their efforts won’t be enough or that it’s too difficult to adopt a new approach. Fortunately, going green has never been easier, with new products popping up every day and tools for being environmentally friendly becoming more accessible all the time. If you’re looking for ways to minimize your home’s carbon footprint, WebStamp offers some ideas to get you started.

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1. Look for an Eco-Friendly Home

Starting from scratch on your environmental journey can mean a lot of work, but if you purchase a home designed with the Earth in mind, you can cut down on a lot of stress. Look for homes that already have solar panels installed and have trees and grasses in the yard that do not require exorbitant amounts of water. Homes that have low-flow showerheads and double-pane windows installed are eco-friendly, too.

2. Make Adjustments to Your Current Home

If you already have a home and are looking to become more environmentally conscious, there are many ways you can upgrade it to reflect your green goals and even boost its value. Install solar panels to generate electricity naturally. Set up a recycling station to make recycling easier than ever. When you need furniture, opt for secondhand options such as antiques that don’t require production as new options do.

3. Make Eco-Friendly Changes with Your Business

Yes, if you own a small business, you can still make worthwhile changes too. Move to a paperless system, switch to more eco-friendly packaging, find ways to repurpose and recycle whenever you can and opt for sustainable web hosting. When you make these changes, be sure to let your customers and clients know. This can enhance your reputation, and tells the world you are walking the talk!

4. Pick Appliances With Energy Consciousness in Mind

Invest in energy-efficient appliances. According to Energy Star, the EPA program that certifies appliances as energy-conscious, appliances

actually come with two price tags: the one you pay when you buy it and the one you pay to operate it. With appliances that have been certified by Energy Star, you know you are getting machines and tools that aren’t sacrificing performance while reducing energy usage.

Few appliances use up more energy than computers, but much of it can be saved by simply setting up PCs to go to sleep mode when not in use. This can save up to 90% of the energy computers use up while left on unnecessarily without forcing you to worry about saving everything before shutting down.  Sleep mode is particularly useful at night when computers are not in use. 

5. Pay Attention to Your Lights

One nice thing about utilizing items that use less energy is they often save you some money. Make an investment by purchasing a few packs of LED light bulbs. These bulbs burn just as brightly while using less energy and can last over 25 times as long as traditional incandescent light bulbs.   

Do not leave lights on when rooms are not in use. If you can make do with daylight from outside, be sure to take advantage of it, as Healthline notes that natural light is good not only for the environment but your mental and physical health, too.

6. Choose Environmentally Friendly Products

When choosing cleaning products, try to limit the different types that you purchase. Instead of buying several different cleaners to do different jobs, purchase one all-purpose green cleaner and use it to clean the various surfaces in your house and cars.

For personal care, look for organic and vegan products that are made from natural products with Mother Earth in mind. Choose makeup products that don’t use animal testing and have minimal packaging.

Going green can be as easy as making small strategic steps in the right direction. Remember, whether you can afford to buy an entirely new eco-friendly house or have to make tiny changes over time, every effort made in the name of planet Earth is an admirable one. 

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