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Solutions For The Homeless

There are many reasons as to why someone ends up homeless. It can be from a sudden job loss, a family breakdown, substance addiction, or even mental health issues. Whatever the reason the fact remains that a greater amount of people, even families, are becoming homeless in this failing economy. Homeless individuals are required to solve their problems before they are given permanent housing. When basic needs, such as food and a place to live, are met people are better able to address their individual problems.


A report from the U of C’s School of Public Policy suggests that in 2016 up to 40,000 Calgarian households were close to being homeless. The recent high inflation and a massive price increase in purchasing and renting a home is forcing many into the Homeless category. According to the Homeless Hub, there were 2782 people experiencing homelessness in 2022 in Calgary with only 1861 beds available. Then some prefer living in the rough over an overcrowded and uncomfortable shelter. Some create a community, where many are decent folk who have fallen on hard times, grouping together in what the city calls illegal encampments. Instead of the city helping these people with finding housing, their policy is to disassemble these communities leaving these homeless without a place to stay.

It is estimated that homelessness alone costs the Canadian economy over $7 billion per year yet the Government of Canada invests only $119 million annually to address it. Our government spends more money on people who do not need help compared to those in greatest need. It actually costs more to ignore our housing problem than it would to fix it. Funding for homelessness has been almost cut in half over the last quarter Century causing the current crisis. And now since the majority of people who support the economy are losing their homes, the governments are talking about spending money for affordable housing. 

 The governments are not providing homes for those in the greatest need thus creating hardship for many Canadians and the economy. Several cities and the country of Finland have implemented a Housing First approach where permanent housing is given to those in need regardless of their status. By providing constant support, they have provided many homeless with housing, which in turn allowed these unfortunate to sort out their issues or problems without having to worry about having a roof over their heads.

Innovative solutions, like Parasitic Pods attached to buildings to house New York's homeless or Micro apartments in Hong Kong's housing crisis using concrete pipes, would be needed to eliminate the homeless crisis. Since many of the homeless are there from a tragic situation, providing additional support in helping them get back on their feet would be beneficial for not only those in need but society in general. Having a community with provisional support for health, food, and socializing, like the Veteran’s Village, would help eliminate community issues. The people staying would be obligated to behave and support the community or be ridiculed by their peers.

Make the M.A.D. Move
toward ending homelessness

There are many ways to help the homeless, but what is needed is a greater coordinated effort between governments and the private sector. A shift towards well-built and newly designed housing concepts using more sustainable eco-friendly techniques and materials is required. The costs of building housing for those that require it need to be reduced to a minimum. This can be accomplished by using local materials, like hemp, that can be produced locally employing those in need. Make the M.A.D. Move towards ending homelessness and contact your government representatives and corporations informing them what should be done instead of throwing money without proper design towards solving the homeless crisis.

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WebStamp December 07, 2023

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There are many reasons as to why someone ends up homeless. What is needed is a greater coordinated effort between governments and the private sector. with a shift towards well-built and newly designed housing concepts using more sustainable eco-friendly techniques and materials.
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