In this issue, we give you a glimpse of the new way of doing business post-pandemic. With the new Event Centre in the design stage means that we will lose part of our history, the Iconic Saddledome.

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WebStamp June 24, 2020

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To help the economy recover even quicker the concept of Local Commerce needs to be extended to all sectors of business working together. The new way of doing business has to realize the Payback with Local Commerce that can be provided towards developing a Sustainable Local Economy.
Now that city council has set the timeline for the design and construction of the New Event Centre for completion in May 2024 also designates when the Historic Iconic Saddledome is scheduled to be demolished. Come on people! This is essentially a “free” building. Let’s not see it destroyed. It could be home to soccer, rodeo, water park, community hockey, Nashville North, livestock shows and auctions etc. Somebody just isn’t trying hard enough.”
There are many that are getting into the Stampede Spirit to some degree, but there also many that are not participating. Even though the midway absent, along with many other Stampede events, we need to keep the spirit alive for Stampede will Ride Again.

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