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In this issue we look at the need to update current Traffic rules and regulations. The local economy can improve with local recycling and remanufacturing facilities. We continue to explore Calgary's public art by a wellrenowned local artist. 

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WebStamp May 16, 2018

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Why are there no rules on the proper education and operation of motor vehicles encouraging drivers to pay full attention to their driving? Many drivers lack the proper training to drive safely and competently with current outdated licensing regulations in the 21st Century.
Along with the packaging to ensure safe delivery and advertising of a product, with the excessive inventory, consumerism has generated an over-excessive amount of waste. Recycling was created to control, manage, reduce, and reuse our excessive amounts of discarded waste. Recycling needs to evolve to the next step and needs to be sustainable. Recycling needs to evolve to the next step and needs to be sustainable.
Discover a sculpture created by the well-renowned Canadian sculptor Roy Leadbeater, JOY. The abstract human form sculpture poised as its gracefully dancing in the Calgary Municipal Building foyer.

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