WebStamp May 16, 2016

The Joy of Reading

We have arrived! WebStamp is here to rekindle the joy of reading and connect Calgarians to Calgary using print to help you interface with the World Wide Web. You can read entertaining and informative articles that are of concern to Calgarians on a local level in this Printed Web Publication, WebStamp. When done reading you can then connect to the WWW using your cell phone or tablet and scan the many Quick Response (QR) Codes throughout this publication to get more information about events and interact with your local community.



What are QR Codes you ask? You know those funny square bar codes you scan with any of the many Apps that you can download onto your smart mobile device and use to connect to the internet and social media. Need more information on using QR Codes? Go to WebStamp.ca and read our beta issue article “How to Use QR Codes”. Most of the articles have a QR code to connect to that article’s web page, and all the advertising has one so you can easily and quickly connect with the advertiser’s web site, where you can get more information and interact on the web with. There is even a QR Code on this front cover that links you to an online version of WebStamp. Enjoy our first issue.

Discover a new way to connect and interact with the World Wide Web

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Marinus (René) Verschuren
Marinus (René) Verschuren
Founder of WebStamp
René has been involved in the publishing and printing industry since the 1970s. He has published and distributed a successful 24-page weekly news advertiser with a circulation of 4400 copies. Also for the last 20 years, he has been a printer, plotter, scanner and 3D printer technician and installer. Since High School, he also has worked as a janitor, cabinet maker, building construction, landscaper/designer, computer operator producing microfiche, graphic artist, and webmaster, among other professions, qualifying him as a Jack-of-All-Trades.

Article in this Issue

WebStamp May 16, 2016

We have arrived! WebStamp is here to rekindle the joy of reading and connect Calgarians to Calgary using print to help you interface with the World Wide Web.
In order to revive printed media, WebStamp is bringing it into the digital age by making print a gateway to the World Wide Web using another technology that lurks in the background
The birthplace of Calgary is currently undergoing a much needed urban revitalization. Several of the old historic buildings, some with shady and colourful pasts, have been saved from demolition by incorporating them into the overall design.
We have seen time after time that after a disaster in communities, and even cities, provinces, and the whole country comes together and provide aid and support in the event of a disaster. WebStamp would like to recognize and thank all the people who went above and beyond in some way to assist in the effort to help.
Local businesses would greatly benefit from and would help stabilize the local economy, especially the local community businesses, with working with each other instead of against each other.
Calgary is still a wonderful place to live and has a wide variety of activities and events to participate in. Discover how WebStamp can show what Calgary’s all about.