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This issue we show how one can shop locally online. We look at the benefits of hosting the Olympics again. Recycling needs adjustment and the Joy of Public Art. Enjoy and we would love your opinion...

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WebStamp May 02, 2018

The world of commerce has changed dramatically with the evolution of the World Wide Web.Brick & Mortar stores today are having a difficult time competing with the e-commerce and the new trend m-commerce.
Most Calgarians believe that recycling is beneficial to preserving our resources and helping save the environment. Let’s reflect on the recent news that the Pacific Garbage Patch, which is largely composed of plastic, is now being estimated at 16 times its original size, an area of over 2 million km², comparable to the size of Greenland. With the single-use plastics, such as plastic cutlery, cups, lids, straws, etc. classified as garbage indicates a large amount of non-decomposing recyclable materials are actually buried in our landfills.
There has been a lot of debate on whether Calgary should host another Winter Olympics. Hosting a world-wide event today is a totally different hockey game compared to the successful hosting of Calgary’s 1988 Winter Olympics. Decide for yourself.


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