Making a M.A.D. New Year Resolution

As we leave 2023 behind, many make New Year’s Resolutions for a more prosperous and exciting new year in 2024. Most resolutions fail because they are just ideas for a better life without the proper preparation and planning. Also, many attempt to make all their resolutions all at once, which is a sure way to fail. Being overwhelmed without proper scheduling and not having specific attainable goals lead to many abandoning their resolutions just as they are starting. Making small and easily attainable goals, with proper scheduling will create a more positive outcome encouraging one to continue with their resolutions one or two at a time.


Even though most resolutions fall to the wayside shortly into the new year, it’s never too late to make and plan a new resolution that will actually Make A Difference for you, your family, friends, and/or neighbours. Adopt one of the many M.A.D. Moves published in WebStamp as a new resolution towards a better lifestyle for all. WebStamp is looking for volunteers to make a positive change toward providing a comfortable and sustainable society for all to enjoy and grow in. Do something with all your wasted time helping WebStamp promote a better way.

This current economic-based society is not only suppressing humanity but also destroying and poisoning everyone’s social structure and environment. This corporate-based system has generated extremely high Inflation brought about by the greed and profit of the top 10% manipulating the system using tax deductions, bonuses and dividends.  These top CEOs made record profits averaging $14.9 million while the majority are struggling to survive with higher inflation compared to one’s income. The time has come for the majority to guide the minority to create a more sustainable and stress-free environment.  

Instead of wasting your time behind those electronic devices manipulating our lives which is making it difficult to make ends meet, stand up for your rights with A M.A.D. Move by volunteering your time towards more productive endeavours that can improve the world we live in. A simple attainable resolution, while you’re on that multimedia device, would be reading, commenting, and sharing your thoughts on the many M.A.D. Move articles WebStamp has published. Stand up for your rights and participate in cultivating a better world. Volunteering your free time towards Making A Difference improving the way we live is an excellent attainable resolution. You can choose something you enjoy and at your own pace. Make an M.A.D. New Year's Resolution that you will enjoy and can achieve.

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