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What’s Your M.A.D. Move?

Since its inception, WebStamp’s M.A.D. Move has been to Make A Difference in stimulating the local economy by getting Calgarians and businesses to connect with their communities. In our Join The Movement! article we show how any Calgarian can get a sense of belonging along with mutual support by getting involved with their communities. We also showed our readers how to have a stress-free break by Enjoying A Staycation while supporting our local communities.


Last year in the Make A M.A.D. Move article WebStamp educates one how to Make A M.A.D. Move. Your M.A.D. Move can be anything from giving someone a helping hand, volunteering for a good cause, or donating, even a little, to a charity or organization. Simplifying and improving your lifestyle, shopping smart, buying less expensive brands and fewer items you can make a difference by donating your savings to your favourite charity or cause while saving the environment.

The M.A.D. Movement article discloses a Make A Difference Organization inspiring you with ideas in Making A Difference. Guy Weadick with his wild west extravaganza the Calgary Stampede and Chief David Crowchild promoting cross-cultural understanding are but two Calgarians who Made A M.A.D. Move featured in Making A Difference article. Then there was the movement started by our Mayor Nenshi, 3 Things for Calgary, that mushroomed into a nation-wide movement 3 Things For Canada where Canadians performed over 3 million Random Acts of Kindness to celebrating our Sesquicentennial.

There are many things one can do to Make A M.A.D. Move. We have seen those that are Making A Difference for Disaster Victims. Simply by becoming part of the community, or becoming an Entrepreneurial Visionary, Joining the Buy Local Movement, or Volunteering are but a few of the things that one can do to Make A Difference. It can be very rewarding helping those that are less fortunate or struggling.

A recent prime example that anyone can start a movement and Make A Difference is the 17-year-old Kelowna resident Justin Kulik. After discovering the sheer waste of food in Canada comparing it with the number of Canadians considered to be 'food insecure' he began trying to find a solution to both problems. In a year he acquired over 160,000 signatures on a petition to bar grocery stores and supermarkets of wasting unsold, but still edible food, and donating it to charities and organizations such as the Food Banks. He took the petition to Ottawa where the Agriculture and Food Minister is considering to include it in a new national food policy.

So, What Is Your M.A.D. Move Going To Be? Go out there and Make A Difference in Calgary. Help the local economy by buying locally, enjoy and participate in the many wonderful local events and activities. Join the local community association or non-profit organization, pursue some cause, right a wrong, or just be there for someone. It’s up to you what your M.A.D. Move will be, just as long as you Make A Difference!

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